Putin Stunned by Power of Western Propaganda


September 13, 2008 by Philip Dru

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he was surprised by the power manifested by western propaganda after Georgia’s assault on South Ossetia, RIA Novosti reported from Sochi.
A foreign participant of Valdai International Debating Club asked the RF prime minister, why Russia’s troops that moved to South Ossetia acted in such a way towards Georgia.

“Your question doesn’t surprise me. I’m surprised by quite another thing – how powerful the propaganda machine of the West actually is. It is stunning, astonishing. This is out of all notch, but it is in it nevertheless,” Putin answered.

Putin reiterated that Russia’s response to Georgia’s assault on South Ossetia was adequate, as Georgia used heavy artillery against peaceful civilians.

“You’d like us to swing a penknife there? What’s the adequate application of force when the tanks and heavy artillery are used against us? Should we have catapulted? The thing to be expected was they would get the snout smashed good and proper,” the prime minister was explicitly emphatic.

Kommersant | Friday, September 12, 2008

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